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    Tots Hockey 3 & 4 Year Olds
    Posted Aug 21, 2019

    Has your child caught the hockey bug and is eager to learn skating and hockey basics? This program is designed to allow those who are still too young to play a chance to be out on the ice learning new skills. A 30 minute lesson on skating, passing, and shooting skills followed by a 15 minute mini game.

    Participants will be divided into groups on the ice.

    Tot’s 1 must be able to:

    • Make snow with both feet
    • 1 foot pushes on a curve
    • Understand the concept of backward skating
    • T-pushes with a 1 foot glide
    • 2 foot glides for 3 seconds or more

    Tot’s 2 Must be able to:

    • Come to a snowplow stop
    • Double Sculling
    • Can glide backwards
    • Begin stationary crossovers/cross-steps
    • 1 foot glide for 3 seconds or more

    Equipment needed: Full Hockey Gear